"I started dancing with Freddy around 2 years ago. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Freddy is more than a dance teacher - she's the reason that I'm more comfortable in my body and in my self. That's priceless I hope to dance with Freddy for years to come. I'm so glad I found her..."

   - Naomi Gleit, Facebook

"Learning dance was something I always wanted to do but was too chicken to act on. I gained the courage and came across Freddie. She not only taught me to dance but more importantly she taught me to be comfortable in my own body, to let go, and that sometimes self happiness can be found by looking foolish occasionally. She was the best teacher and never once made me feel self conscious. Glad I took the plunge!"

  - Shelley Villano, Other Machine Company

"My students and I had a blast doing an intro hip hop class with Fredrika. She was a upbeat and patient teacher. It was just what we needed for a Thursday afternoon!"

   - Michael Lai, Minerva Schools